Awareness raising

Science goes to school: Travelling exhibition on the topic of (micro-)plastics

As part of the joint project MikroPlaTaS, a travelling exhibition on the topic of microplastics and plastics has been developed especially for use in schools. In addition to presenting basic information on the use, distribution routes and effects of plastics, the exhibition also presents the research team's own project results.

Plastic waste prevention at the municipal level

The discussion about plastic waste is anything but new for German municipalities. In fact, as early as the 1980s, numerous German municipalities were experimenting with plastic waste prevention regulations and waste prevention in general. A further impetus for plastic waste prevention was provided in the early 1990s with the discussions on the introduction of a nationwide packaging ordinance.


Environmental Policy Instruments to Reduce Plastic Pollution of Inland Waters through Drainage Systems
January 2019
December 2021

The project aimed to make a significant, transdisciplinary contribution to applied research on the prevention of plastic discharges into water bodies via drainage systems from a behavioural and environmental economics perspective.

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